Gnat & Corky

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The Gnat

Natalie Sorrentino (Gnat) was given her first watercolor set from her Godfather Jack at the age of three and she hasn't separated from her medium ever since.  In 2004, she graduated from Alverno College with a degree in Art Therapy.  Over the years, she has been fortunate to experience different environments with a variety of populations.  Whether making art with her clients or creating personal works, commissioned pieces or greeting cards, Natalie is deeply drawn into the stories that the human experience tell.  She wholeheartedly believes that every individual is their own narrator eagerly awaiting to weave their personal tale.  Natalie's quirky watercolors give us a peak into the window of her story; one shaped by family, friends, great conversation, fantastic growth... and maybe even a little sprinkle of her father, writer John D. Haefele's, adoration of the weird world of H.P. Lovecraft. Natalie lives in Southern Wisconsin, with her husband, two kids-and a million paintbrushes.

The Cork

Courtney Kotloski (Corky) memorized Shel Silverstein poems for show and tell throughout grade school. She has always been writing, creating, dreaming, and reinventing herself. She graduated from Miami of Ohio with a degree in Creative Writing and Theatre Performance. She was a professional actor and voice over artist for several years, and performed at the Goodman and Steppenwolf Theatres in Chicago and oversees at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where she won a best actor award. She founded a theatre company in Chicago, Serendipity Theatre, and wrote several plays. Once it was time to make babies, she moved to the suburbs, where she taught improv and acting. She currently works full-time as a writer. Courtney lives in Northern Illinois with her husband, two kids and Jake- the best dog in the universe.