Meet Addison and Asher Nash…The world is a better place because of big sisters like Addison. She is her brother Asher’s biggest advocate, best friend and a bright light for all children with special needs. At the young age of eight, Addison understands what is most important; love, acceptance, and happiness. If you live your life like Addison; you can add magic to the world in ways you have never imagined.

Addison the Light Catcher

A story for advocates everywhere... 

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"Did you know there is light inside of everyone? There is. And did you know you can catch it and share it with the world? You can. This is my super-duper light catcher; it’s fast, dependable and sparkly. I made it when my brother was born, because when he opened his eyes the light was jumping around everywhere." - Addison the Light Catcher

Gnat & Corky