Gnat & Corky

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Bella (Isabella) just turned 12. She loves puns, silliness and that the world exists so she can eat pizza. Bella is super creative and sassy. She loves books and has starred in many plays. Bella was in a car accident that prevented her from going on as lead role of Cinderella in her school play. The play was postponed and in a few weeks when Bella can walk again, the curtain will rise and she’ll take her natural place in the spotlight. Break a leg, Bella- we know you’ll be smashing…no pun intended.

"Welcome to the Silly Show starring me!

Is this thing on? Can you hear me in the cheap seats? Good. How are you today? You look better. Glad to see your little face. I’m feeling a little strange today because I accidentally swallowed some food coloring. The doctor says I'm OK, but I feel like I've dyed a little inside, so bear with me.

Do you get it? D-Y-E-D. Food coloring…"

-Bella's Silly Show (one of 16 books in the Gnat & Corky Series)

Bella's Silly Show

When Bella gets hold of a microphone, there's no stopping the puns.