Gnat & Corky

"I thought and I thought of where all the miracles could be, and knew the Man in the Moon might have an answer for me. He’s up so high and can see and hear everything. So, I raced as fast as I could, peddling with all the love in my heart, but when I reached the Man in the Moon he told me, “Miracles are found inside of stars.”- Logan and the Miracle

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Logan is 8 and he’s been racing BMX bikes for 4 years. He always came close to winning a first place trophy, until the day he found out his great grandmother passed away. He told his grandmother that he was going to win first place and give her the trophy to make her feel better; and that’s exactly what he did. Logan, you are amazing.

Logan and the Miracle

When his grandmother's sickness grows, Logan searches the world for a miracle only to find he was the miracle all along.