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Adopted from Ethiopia

Can hold his breath under water for a very long time

Diagnosed with non-verbal learning disorder, (NVLD) and mild autism

Zelalem “Zee” Ebert is 11. He practices Jediism (and loves Star Wars). Jedi are mindful of negative emotions, which lead to the Dark Side, they are also guardians of peace and justice. Zee has studied many religions and can recite almost any history book. He says his mind works like a recycling bin that can reuse information and retain facts. When he grows up, he wants to become a professor so he can pass his knowledge onto others. One of his favorite people is Albert Einstein, whom he loves to quote as saying, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Zee says if he could live anywhere in the world he would live here, “Because this place is good enough already.” 

We’re lucky you live here Zee, although, we believe-just like you do, that there is another planet out there just waiting to be discovered…

Planet Zee

A story built from the imagination of a brilliant autistic dreamer; 10 year old Zee.  Will imagination win?

"Not so long ago on the Planet of Zee, a collision of two forces; one Light and one Dark started an epic battle to defend the imagination of children everywhere.

Planet Zee was full of knowledge, passion and the positivity of the children who lived there, and each day their ideas made the Dark Side grow weaker. The Dark Side, from Planet Dulldrum, was filled with boring, bleak inhabitants that believed machines were more powerful than human minds. The people gave off a strong odor making the eyes of their enemy’s sting." Planet Zee (One of 16 books in the Gnat & Corky Series)


Gnat & Corky